Our Testimonials


The best way to get a feel for our approach to dentistry is from our patients and colleagues. Click to read about their experiences with our practice.


"As a teacher and clinician with over 30 years experience, I believe I have the ability to identify individuals who stand out ‘from the crowd’. Stuart is definitely one of these individuals. He has passion, dedication, knowledge of dentistry, a thirst to further his knowledge and pass his knowledge on to others."

Dr Michael Wise BDS, FDS, RCS.(Eng), MScD.(Indiana)

World leader in Restorative Dentistry
Visiting Professor Eastman Dental Institute, UCL (2003-Dec 2011)
Specialist in Restorative Dentistry, Specialist in Oral Surgery

Teacher and mentor to Stuart Campbell
Dr Mark Gormley BDS (Hons), MFDS, RCS
Formerly mentored by Stuart Campbell

"I have worked with Stuart for a number of years, and as a technician, it is a pleasure to work with a dentist who has such dedication and commitment to his craft. The relationship between a dentist and technician is built on communication and we at the lab, always receive extremely detailed instructions for all of the cases Stuart undertakes. His desire to actively seek laboratory input with regard to technical and material information for each individual case can only benefit the treatment of his patients. Stuart is not one to shy away from new products and ideas and is continually pushing the boundaries of dental excellence. I would highly recommend his approach and skills to any prospective patient."

Ken Scott

Head Ceramist and Platinum certified Straumann technician
A-plus Dental Laboratory


"I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Campbell as a thoroughly good dentist who goes beyond the normal boundaries regarding his enthusiasm for dental hygiene, which I have embraced, and a meticulously planned strategy for ensuring long-term health of the patient's teeth. All procedures are explained to the patient beforehand and then carried out with professional care and pain-free efficiency. For all treatment given he is careful to maintain a "follow-up" procedure to ensure the health of the patient.

As one of Mr. Campbell's older patients, I expected a brief check-up and a call back in a year. Instead, my teeth were thoroughly inspected, invaluable advice on dental hygiene given and, within days of the "check-up", I was given a plan for the future, which has been most successful in addressing problems of which I would have been blissfully unaware. I didn't think my teeth had a future but have since realised that, with the correct treatment and aforementioned dental hygiene, I have good cause to expect many more years of barbecued spare ribs."

Mr Ian McCalman

"Many years ago, I damaged the nerve in my front tooth and it turned black.

I had a ceramic veneer fitted, but after a number of years it became discoloured, and owing to gum recession a black line became visible above the veneer.

I have been a patient of Stuart Campbell’s for a number of years and always appreciated his professionalism and ability to explain any proposed treatment in easy layman’s terms, so when he suggested a new crown for my front tooth and told me what the procedure would be I was very happy to have him do this for me.

There were a few lengthy sessions in the chair but throughout these I always felt that I was in good hands, especially with what seemed to me to be a never-ending selection of hi-tech devices being produced, which really helped my confidence that the job was being done properly. Stuart and his team’s attention to detail was first-class, and although a procedure like this was never going to be comfortable I felt I was being looked after as well as possible.

I have been delighted with my new tooth, which right from the start felt as natural as if it had always been there. The colour-matching and shaping are so good that some people even thought my other front tooth was the crown. I have no discomfort or trouble with it and never had to think about what might be troublesome to eat.

I have nothing but praise for Stuart’s work and can only say thanks for a first-class job."


"I visited Stuart back in April/May as I was concerned with the change in colour of my front tooth and also slight pain when eating. After assessing my mouth, he took a good while to explain in detail the procedures that would be required. I felt that in previous visits to dentists I have been nervous regarding having any root canal work, as in most cases the dentist is someone you fear, but I would have to say that within an hour after my treatment I had no pain/discomfort within the following days. I was then confident about having the cosmetic work carried out on my front teeth and I'm pleased to say that the improvement in appearance has been tremendous."

Mr Graeme Robertson
Mrs Alexandra Muir
Patient had badly fractured tooth restored with a white filling
Mr Thomas Shaw
Patient treated with dental implants

“I have been attending for treatment to replace several amalgam fillings which had been in for a very long time and had started to discolour my teeth. They looked awful and were very deep, being near the root. My dentist, Stuart Campbell has now replaced them with white composite fillings. I am so pleased with the outcome, my teeth look 100 percent better now. - Thank you very much”

Mrs Gayle Duncan
Mr Ian McKay
Patient had root canal (tooth nerve) treatment, tooth whitening and several white fillings
Mr Petr Machala
Patient had periodontal (gum) treatment, white fillings and metal free crowns.